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Personal Overview of the History of Boogan by Brendan King


Boogan Stars Soccer started like any other sporting club, from humble beginnings. The club was created at the now defunct Boogan State School. The year that it first kicked off is unclear, but it is believed to be about 1940. When the club was first formed there was no junior soccer such as there is today, so the game was played mostly by migrants who had come to Innisfail to work in the sugar cane industry. Boogan Stars is the oldest surviving soccer club in the Innisfail area.

In 1968 a man named Charlie Camuglia, a man the game of soccer owes a lot to, was the driving force behind the first game of junior soccer played in Innisfail. This first game that involved Boogan Stars Junior Soccer was played at Wright’s Park in East Innisfail. In the years following this game junior soccer was born in Innisfail. It is believed that the original colours of Boogan Stars jerseys was blue and white and over the years that colour has changed from the original to red and white to today’s colours which are green and gold.

In the ensuing years the game of soccer and the junior competition progressed to involve four teams: Boogan Stars, Silkwood, Suburbs and Tigers. The Innisfail junior competition was played at the Castor Park, Mourilyan. This park was developed to become housing and the game of soccer was relocated from its traditional home. Boogan Stars Junior Soccer is still located in Mourilyan at the new Castor Park which stands behind the original park and has been in use since about 1980 (records and memories are unclear).

Boogan Stars Junior Soccer Club now plays in a Johnstone River competition against Tigers, Silkwood, Tully and Mission Beach. Though none of Boogan’s players have made the Australian National sides we have regularly been supplying players from our ranks to play representative soccer at Local level, Zone level and State level. Our aim is to keep developing players and hopefully one day have an Australian representative coming from our ranks.


In 1967/1968 Boogan Stars Junior Team – Effort by Charlie Camuglia rallied all sons of past Senior players.

1973 – Paul Ballini approached Paul Musumeci and a revamp of Boogan Stars Senior began with the support of Boogan Juniors.  Seniors and Juniors combined to form a solid club.  The first senior team mainly consisted of players from the first junior team and others that had never played before.

1985 – Both Boogan and Tigers combined to form innisfail United F.C.  Due to the strength of both teams after they met in the final of 1st Division of FNQ won by Boogan in a hard fought match.  Neither team had the player base to progress to Premiers and Premier Reserves which was imposed by FNQ.  A new generation of senior soccer came into being.

Brendan King
COACH: 1999 – 2010
PRESIDENT: 2008-2010
PRESIDENT: 2002-2004

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